How can I prevent Shaving Rash

February 22, 2010 at 6:16 am (Uncategorized) ()

Razor bumps, ingrown hairs and shaving irritation is usually the effect of pulling the skin when shaving too close, thereby reducing the hair too short. Here are some useful ways to prevent shaving rash on the following: (1) does not pull the skin taut while shaving, (2) shave in the direction of hair growth, (3) not too close a shave, and (4) considering the growing designer stubble to avoid maintain regular shaves. If you notice contamination, stop shaving and apply a mild antiseptic containing Tea Tree oil as one of its active ingredients. Get a good exfoliant to remove dead cells and debris from the skin. The vitamin-related products such as Retin A can help exfoliate, the skin and the area around the hair follicles. It is always a good idea to soften the beard, by the shower before shaving, which is a hot towel over your face, or the application of a moisturizing facial hair. Most of the problems with shaving rash due to a poor technique, shave, or use razor blades for too long, and the lack of personal hygiene. Rather it is better to use a razor blades, rather than a blade of two or more offers a version that is too close shave. Shaving rash skin ailments should not limit the chances of a soft and regular clean shave, but you may want to minimize the necessary precautions to avoid it.


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